Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Blog Upodate + Birthday Dress

Hi Everyone!!!!! i hope you all are having a great summer i literally cannot believe it is august OHMYGOD where did the time go holy toledo. Since my last post was in june (JUNE!?!?!?)i thought i would do a bit of a update on my summer since i totally have dropped off the blogosphere completely!! I got a new job at a restaurant after my last one got shut down which was a bit of a adjustment. I just worked a Elvis festival, yes those do exist which involved some sixteen hour shifts woot woot lol so tiring but it wasn't bad money. The photos above were from my birthday celebration i turned twenty in July which is so unreal, i cannot believe i am out of my teens forever!!!! We went to a bar after getting ready at my house and i had such a good time, generally i have terrible birthdays so this was really fun :). I bought my dress from forever 21 and i think it was about thirty dollars which i think was such a good deal. Other than work i havent been up to very much just hanging out with friends and trying to get my courses finally over. I am hoping to get out to take photos really soon and i am debating about doing a video haul since i have been shopping a bit over the last few months!!!! I hope you all are having a good summer :)