Monday, December 23, 2013

Careless And Young, Free As The Birds That Fly

Old Pine (Peking Duk Remix) by Ben Howard on Grooveshark
 photo IMG_2677_zpse5d67b22.jpg

Coat: Garage: $25, Sweater: Urban Planet $12, Leggings: Forever 21 $6 (Black Friday Sale!!), Socks: Bluenotes: $5, Doc Martens $140, Hat: Ardenes $7

I cant say I ever thought I would be wearing printed leggings but here there are and I absolutely love them!!! This is a very casual outfit, my bf took these photos for me the day before I came back home for my Christmas break. I got these leggings from Forever 21 during there cyber monday sale so i got them 50% off the sale price which was fantastic!!!!! I am definitely more bottom heavy so the fact I am wearing a busy print on my legs is pretty shocking, but I really do like the diamond print so that won me over. Forever 21 leggings are actually surprisingly thick for how cheap they are, my only complaint about them is I should have ordered a size down because there bloody baggy on my waist but that is my own fault. I absolutely love this coat, I also ordered this on Black Friday since it was about 70% reduced (woooo for sales!!) and I love the leather sleeves with the nylon center, its definitely different from anything else I own. I hope everyone has a great Christmas!!!!

 photo IMG_2690copie_zpsfca1fe31.jpg

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

I Dont Know Your But I Know What You Do

St Clarity by The Paper Kites on Grooveshark

 photo IMG_2657copie_zpsc5dc3cd4.jpg

Sweater: Bluenotes $18, Shirt: Plndr $20, Leggings: Stitches $10, Socks: Bluenotes: $5, Hat: Ebay $2, Doc Martens $140

Hi guys first off sorry about the gigantic photos, I tried for a hour to get them sized properly and it was just not working so I finally said 'screw it' and here they are. I took these photos with bf before going out to lunch with some friends. I got this skull shirt back in the summer from Plndr and warning if you are Canadian you will have to pay some serious customs charges so be careful!!! It originally had shoulder pads (which I hated) and studs that fell out anytime I wore it so I just ended up cutting both of things off. I absolutely love the snakeskin skull on the front I just thought it looked so cool!!. I got this hat off of ebay and it just arrived the other day. It is this bright neon yellow/green hat, If love the colour but I wish I had spent a little more money and got a thicker hat since this ones a bit flimsy. I hope everyone is having a great winter break and good luck to everyone still doing finals!!

 photo IMG_2649_zps40f351f6.jpg

 photo IMG_2643_zps4b0770ab.jpg

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Heatless Headband Curls


Hello blogosphere!!!!!! I hope everyone has been having a good week, mine has sadly not been wonderful. Last weekend I was playing volleyball and I pulled my lumbar muscles in my back which was incredibly painful. I had to enlist the help of my friend to take me to the hospital to get some pain medication since I couldn't walk very well, so I spent the majority of last week lying on my couch very bored!! I am much better now though (thank god never pulling that again) so I thought I would post this video which I uploaded on my youtube channel a little while ago since I have not had the chance to get out and take outfit photos. I did a WHOLE bunch of shopping on Black Friday so I will have a massive haul coming once all of my packages arrive and exams are over. I would like to keep my blog mainly fashion since that was the reason I started it in the first place but I have never talked about my hair before so I figured why not!! I have always always always wanted super long hair but ever since I chopped it all off when I was fifteen it has never grown very long, probably because I used to straighten my hair daily. I found these heatless curls in the summer and they are seriously amazing!! I very rarely use a curling iron or straightener any more and slowly my hair has started to grow out. My friends and people at school have asked me if I curl my hair  everyday and I very proudly tell them about these heatless curls. So I hope you guys like this video and have a great day :) 

Friday, November 22, 2013

I Thought That This Wouldn't Hurt Alot But I Guess Not

Kids by Unwoman on Grooveshark

 photo IMG_2629_zps22699f91.jpg

Sweater: Stitches $12, Jeans: Value Village $8, Boots: Value Village $15, Hat: Urban Planet: $5, Necklace: Forever 21, Bracelets: Urban Planet $5, Believe Bracelet: c/o Bootlegger

Happy Friday everyone!!!! I don't know about you but I am thrilled for weekend although I am staying in the entire time finishing up macroeconomics and paper proposals :(:(. Where on earth did november go!!! I cant believed its almost December. I bought this sweater the other day, I couldn't resist it since it was fifty percent off and soooooo soft plus I am a sucker for fuzzy things. This is a very casual outfit which is all I generally wear for school, I feel like my style has changed quite a bit throughout the years I am definitely a jeans/leggings girl instead of dresses or skirts now. I bought this hate because it is totally a knockoff of the Toronto Maple Leafs official toques and this one was only five bucks :). I hope everyone has a great weekend.  

 photo IMG_2639copie_zpsb0c8683f.jpg

 photo IMG_2634_zps90c48685.jpg

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

I Want You Not Somebody

Magpie by Khushi on Grooveshark
 photo IMG_2585_zps80cb32b1.jpg

Sweater: Stitches $15, Scarf $5, Hat: Ardenes $7, Leggings: ?? (super old), Socks: Ardenes $4, Boots: Value Village: $15

Hi guys!!! I have been really motivated to keep up with my blog since I have failed miserably at it for the last year or more so I want to thank you so much for sticking around!! I made a schedule so there will be regular updates hopefully twice a week :). Almost my entire outfit is from one store which is kindof funny but I have been shopping there alot lately, I think I need to branch out to other places. Stitches can be super hit and miss, my canadian girls will know that but the one in my city just had some of the cutest fall stuff ever, I couldn't resist the sweaters!! My boots are probably one of my favourite thrifting finds I have ever found and that is saying alot. I went shopping with my friend for her halloween costume at Value Village and when I saw these hanging on the rack I knew I had to have them. I have very big feet (size ten or eleven) so finding a nice pair of boots my size at a thrift store almost never happens!! I find most boots no matter where you buy them last only one season so I would much rather spend $15 bucks then $150 for the same quality of boot plus these ones are actually real leather, um score!! I hope everyone is having a wonderful day and I will talk to you again shortly :)

P.S I through in the last photo as a blooper shot, it was so cold when my bf took these photos today!!!

 photo IMG_2589copie_zps648084a0.jpg

 photo IMG_2586_zpsaefb6e5e.jpg

Monday, November 4, 2013

Think Of All The Places Where We Could Be

Brand New Day by Kodaline on Grooveshark

 photo IMG_20130827_104405_zps3a4db893.jpg

Dress: c/o Surfdome

First off I am sorry about the picture quality!!! These were taken on my boyfriends cellphone and they were just supposed to be for Instagram. Unfortunately I got my mom to do some washing one weekend I was home and somehow a bright pink bra got thrown into my load and completely destroyed this dress from Surfdome which I was absolutely devastated about since it was so beautiful!!!! So these are the only photos I have of it :( just my luck eh. *Full Disclaimer* this dress was sent to me from the website by there lovely PR lady Corina, it really did have great customer service. The package arrived a week and a bit after it was shipped which is fantastic since shipping to Canada can be awful and the company is based in the UK. I took so long to put up these photos since they were taken in the winter because long story short my old mac book broke so I had to wait till they sent me back the old one to extract all of my data on it, totally brutal!!!! The dress was this beautiful silky material and I just cant get enough of the colour, it is now on sale I am seriously contemplating ordering it again so I can have it!! I know I have been absent from blogging but I am setting up a weekly schedule to get some posts up consistently, no more hiatus's I swear I say that every time but I seriously mean it this time lol. I hope everyone in the blogosphere is doing well and I will be back shortly.

P.S I have hit over 400 follower WTF when did that happen thanks so much guys seriously I have been blogging for a while and it helped me through some really tough times so thanks again!!

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Friday, September 13, 2013

Get Ready With Me: Party (Red Brown Smokey Eye)

Hello everyone!!!!!!!!! I have been so bad at blogging lately I can list a whole bunch of excuses but I will save you from hearing all that and say it wont happen again :). I had my first full week back and university and I am pooped, I am home alone on a friday night and its so great to finally relax after a busy busy week. I will have a couple posts up within the next week hopefully after I get all of my many readings done, how is there homework already when school just started!!! I posted this video on my youtube channel a couple days ago and it is a makeup look I did from last weekend. I promise there will be regular blog posts after this and not just a whole bunch of videos. I hope everyone has a great weekend!!!

Monday, September 2, 2013

This Month On Instagram: August 2013

Sea of Love by The National on Grooveshark  photo instagram1_zps11dd1ad6.jpg

Hello everyone!!!!! Long time no talk please excuse my absence for the last month. I broke my beautiful Macbook Air back at the beginning of August so I havent been able to upload pictures to edit!!! Thankfully I have bought its replacement so now I can upload some of the photos I have taken the last month and get back on the blogosphere. I am moving to a new apartment, so soon there will be some different scenery for my photos, my new place doesn't have a balcony so I am going to have to figure out a where I will take them there. Ever since I started Instagram I have wanted to do a post on my monthly photos since I love seeing other bloggers posts like that. August was a pretty good month, I went to VELD which is a electronic music festival in Toronto, began filming more things for youtube, and hung out with friends for the majority of the month. I am so not keen to go back to school again but Uni starts later this week. I hope everyone has a great day and wish everyone starting school good luck!!

Thursday, August 1, 2013

July Makeup Favourites!!!

Hi everyone!!!!! As you can see this post is a bit different since it includes a video. My lovely boyfriend spent way to much and bought me a camcorder for my birthday since he knows just how many youtube videos I watch, it is a mild obsession. I seriously feel like videos are so much better for anything makeup related since you can include a lot more in a video then in a blog post and then I can get back to doing outfit pictures as well. Sorry I am so awkward but I figure you have to start somewhere also the bloopers at the end crack me up every single time I was sitting on the couch editing and chuckling to myself the whole time. Have a great day everyone!!!

Monday, July 22, 2013

Jordana Powder Blush Review

Give Me Love by Ed Sheeran on Grooveshark
 photo IMG_2317_zps2b688afa.jpg

Its been a little while since my last makeup review and I saved one of my favourite products for it!! Seriously girls, I had read good reviews on the blushes from blogs and makeupalley but I did not think they would be that great considering just how cheap they are. I bought these Jordana blushes from Cherry Culture for a whopping $2.50 each and I think I had a 20% off code so they might have been cheaper than that, crazy I know. These have replaced my beloved Wet N Wild blushes (review here) as my all time favourite blush product. They are finely milled and so pigmented its crazy, all you have to do is tap your brush into the pan lightly to get more than enough product. Sunlit Bronze is my absolute favourite especially right now in summer because it just gives me this beautiful coral/bronze flush which accents my tan so much, I have been wearing it every single day since I bought it. All three blushes have shimmer in them but I don't find it to be very noticeable on the cheeks. I would highly recommend these blushes although the only downside is they are not sold in Canada, but definitely try them out if you live somewhere that does sell them or like to shop online like I do. Have a great day everyone!!

 photo IMG_2321_zps88b6e49b.jpg

 photo IMG_2322_zps838e7d48.jpg

 photo 231_zpsd0c2dac4.jpg

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Summer Inspiration Part Two!!!

Jubel (Original Mix) by Klingande on Grooveshark
 photo summerinspiration21_zpsb4f19d2d.jpg

Hello everyone!! I seriously love putting together these inspiration posts, I get on Pinterest and there are just so many cool photos to look through. This post is actually my first attempt at automatically scheduling posts since I will be away camping and hopefully laying out on the beach when you read this :):). The beach and swimming were the main inspirations behind these photos, it has been boiling hot out so I am ridiculously excited to go on vacation. I hope everyone is having a wonderful summer!!

 photo summerinspiration22_zps5012ff86.jpg

 photo summerinspiration23_zpsa1942c72.jpg

 photo summerinspiration24_zps246201fa.jpg

 photo summerinspiration2_zps4b9c0a8e.jpg

Friday, July 12, 2013

So Wake Me Up When Its All Over

Wake Me Up (Orginal Mix) by Avicii feat. Aloe Blacc on Grooveshark

 photo IMG_2303copy-001_zps959f4fbf.jpg

Shirt: Stitches: $7, Tank Top (underneath) Forever 21 $5, Shorts: Boathouse $15, Shoes: Aldo $13

Hello everyone!!! I thought I would take some bog photos of what I wore to work at a sidewalk clothing sale :). These are my absoute favourite shorts at the moment they are just so soft and they were fifty percent off at Boathouse which is awesome!!!! I bought this shirt on the same shopping trip, I need to take a picture of the back next time there is this cool lace cut out on at the top. Stitches was having a killer sale when I went, they had three shirts for twenty bucks and I totally took advantage of that. I don't know about you girls/guys but Value Village and some vintage shops have gotten really expensive lately, I have been finding better deals in the mall and online. My boyfriend and I were down in Toronto for a Blue Jays baseball game and I found these sandals on sale at Aldo. I had a twenty dollar gift card which is why they were so cheap and I love them so much, I am such a sucker for anything studded. I bought a hair doughnut a while ago and it has seriously saved my life this summer, this is definitely my go to hairstyle it is in the majority of my Instagram photos. It has just been SO hot in southern Ontario and I am like the sweatest person ever (lol) I have to have my hair up. I hope everyone is having a great summer so far :).

 photo IMG_2311copy_zpsb4e27019.jpg

Bracelets: Urban Planet $5

 photo IMG_2313-001_zps67dc1307.jpg

Rings: Forever 21 $1.80 each

Sunday, June 23, 2013

Its Not My Fault, I'm Happy

It's Not My Fault, I'm Happy by Passion Pit on Grooveshark
 photo IMG_2229copy-001_zpsac10b9ce.jpg

Top: Stitches $5, Skirt: Fairweather $15, Tank Top: Forever 21 $5, Flats: Value VIllage $4, Belt: Value Village $3, Watch: The Great Canadian Superstore: $10

Hello everyone!!! I hope you all had a good weekend, I caught my boyfriends cold and am now curled up on the couch with a huge roll of toilet paper since I have no Kleenexes (lol) hoping to get better soon. I took these photos a couple days ago before going downtown to hand out a resume. I freaking love the colour of this shirt, I have been obsessed with it recently and it was only $5 on sale, you cant beat that!! The back is pretty cool since theres a cut out with lace straps connecting to the top of the shirt, I will need to take a photo of that next time. I think I have had this skirt for a couple years now if you go way back on my blog roll it definitely shows up in a lot of posts. I got these leopard print flats at Value Village, originally they were about $7 but some nice lady in front of my mom and I gave us 30% off coupons so they were super cheap!! I have never been much of a watch person but I saw this one in the clearance section when I was looking at makeup in the Canadian Superstore and was sold on it.  I hope everyone has a great day!!

P.S I have recently got addicted to Instagram although I haven't posted any photos yet I have been taking lots so there will be a ton soon. So everyone tell me there Instagram name so I can add it!! Mine is prettyniftyandthrifty :)

 photo IMG_2232_zps69b5b4d5.jpg

 photo IMG_2238copy_zps16c530d0.jpg

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

I Dont Want Easy, I Want Crazy

I Want Crazy by Hunter Hayes on Grooveshark
 photo IMG_2154copy_zps4d8358df.jpg
Shirt: Stiches $10, Skirt: H&M $20, Sandals: Joe Fresh $20, Necklace: Gift

Wooooo finally my photoshop is up working I am so stoked!! I was very unmotivated to take outfit photos when I knew I couldn't do anything with them. I started working at a boutique downtown and it has def been inspiring me to get back into fashion which I definitely have been slacking on before, late nights at uni resulted in the glamorous outfits of yoga pants and hoodies all year long so I need to get back into it. I bought this skirt a couple of years ago at H&M and never wore it since I didn't really like long skirts. I was going to give it away but thankfully I didnt since I really love wearing it now that I am a bit older. My boyfriend got me this gorgeous necklace although I may have helped pick it out lol. It was a old  travellers medallion, so its supposed to bring good luck on the wearers travels, I always like when things have a story behind them so I just love it :). I hope everyone had a great day, it has been such gorgeous weather here in Ontario lately I am going to go outside and enjoy the sunshine!! 

 photo IMG_2156copy_zps5c6aa806.jpg

 photo IMG_2181copy-001_zps7bfccd0e.jpg

Monday, June 17, 2013

Summer Inspiration

Counting Stars by One Republic on Grooveshark
 photo Summerinspiration_zpsdfc780c5.jpg

Hey everyone!!! I know I have been super MIA, I haven't looked at my blogger feed in forever!!! I am so far behind, I dunno my heart just hasn't been into blogging and I cannot get my photoshop to work yet :(. But recently I made a Pinterest account and have found so many inspiring photos there!!! So I thought I would do a inspiration post like I used to do last summer and clearly I am still very into denim. I love doing this kinds of posts so expect some more in the future, I hope everyone has been having a great summer so far :).

 photo Summerinspiration1_zps3d50e22a.jpg

 photo Summerinspiration2_zps8d20d681.jpg

 photo Summerinspiration3_zps5f46199f.jpg

Thursday, June 6, 2013

FOTD: Blue Eyeliner

Pompeii by Bastile on Grooveshark
 photo IMG_2150-001_zps702f98d6.jpg

Revlon PhotoReady Foundation: Shell 
Elf Acne Fighting Foundation: Buff (mixed together)
Essence Stay All Day Concealer (under eyes)
Revlon PhotoReady Concealer: light medium
Elf Studio Loose Powder: Translucent 
Annabelle Perfect Bronzer: Sun Goddess
Wet N Wild Blush: Mellow Wine

Elf Eyebrow Kit: Medium
Elf Lash and Brow Gel

Elf Eyelid Primer
Jordana Single Eyeshadow: Heart of Gold
Wet N Wild Comfort Zone Palette (the two middle shades on the left)
Elf Mascara Primer
Elf Cream Eyeliner: Teal Tease
Elf Loose Pigment: Tropical Teal
Essence Long Lasting Eyeliner Pencil: Gold
Rimmel Great Lash Mascara
Maybelline Mega Plush Volume Express Mascara

Elf Essential Lipstick Nostalgic
Wet N Wild Matte Lipstick: 905D

This is my absolute favourite eye look at the moment!! I am seriously so in love with bright blue/teal/seafoam green colours they just look so awesome and summery. Sorry for the lack of posts I have been having some rather large personal problems, I moved apartments and there has been issues. Anyways I need to get that all sorted but yesterday I was stoked to find my camera in some boxes and took some photos before I met my friend to go shopping downtown. I sent in a order to Elf a while back to get some things I had used up, so of course I ended up trying a few new things. The Loose Powder is fantastic, it doesn't make me break out and controls my oily skin fairly well. The Acne Fighting Foundation on the other hand was a disaster for me. My skin looks so good in these photos but it made me breakout all over my face after a couple hours, it had wonderful coverage though so I am quite disappointed it didn't work for me, bloody sensitive skin!! I have pictures of the outfit I wore yesterday as well but my photoshop has quit working so my personal tech support (the boyfriend lol) is working on a solution so hopefully those will be up soon!! Have a great day everyone :).

 photo IMG_2152-001_zpsc59b0b3e.jpg

Monday, May 20, 2013

FOTN: The Long Weekend!!

Lose It by Austra on Grooveshark
 photo IMG_2073_zpse4048dcc.jpg

Lioele Triple The Solution BB Cream
Revlon Colourstay Foundation: Sand Beige
Revlon Nearly Naked Pressed Powder: Light
Elf Matifying Translucent Powder
Revlon Photoready Concealer
Essence Stay All Day 16 Hour Concealer
Annabelle Perfect Bronzer
Wet N Wild Blush: 

Eye Brows:
Elf Eyebrow Kit: Medium

Eyes (top): 
Elf Eyelid Primer
Essence Stay All Day Cream Eyeshadow: Glammy Goes To...
Wet N Wild Comfort Zone Pallete
Jordana Fabuliner (Felt Tip)

Eyes (bottom):
Maybelline Colour Tattoo: Edgy Emerald
Elf Loose Pigment: Tropical Teal

Elf Mascara Primer
Jordana Great Lash Mascara
Rimmel Max  Volume Flash Mascara

Elf Essential Lipstick: Nostalgic
Wet N Wild Matte Lipstick: Mauve Outta Here

I totally feel like I am getting back into my blogger groove!!! I have a bunch of posts lined up and today I am going to go sit out on the front porch of my apartment and reply to comments :). I went out to a bar with my boyfriend last night so I thought I would take another crack at a FOTN (face of the night) post,  it definitely was a lot easier when he took the photos for me!!. Please ignore my manky eyebrows I think I am going to go get them threaded since I cannot seem to pluck them very well. I don't know about you ladies but whenever I go out I always do the exact same makeup, a gold/bronze smokey eye and thats it. I bought this Maybelline Colour Tattoo about a month ago and I just love the teal/green colour its gorgeous!!!! So I thought I would do something a little different for me and put it underneath the lower lash line which I freaking LOVE, it just makes my blue/grey eyes pop out.  I definitely want to get some more of the Colour Tattoos, they are great. I have been trying out a new bronzer from Annabelle and so far I love it even more than my NYC Sunny bronzer which I didn't think was possible, there will be a review up on that product soon. I hope everyone had a great weekend!!
 photo 18_zpsf4cebb39.jpg

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Review: Jordana Best Lash Extreme Volumizing Mascara

Sleepsong by Bastille on Grooveshark
 photo IMG_2047_zpsb34a87cc.jpg

      Jordana Best Lash Extreme Volumizing Mascara $2.99 on Beautyjoint

I showed this mascara in my last makeup haul and I finally used up two of the other mascaras I had open a couple of weeks ago so I could use this bad boy. I first heard about this on youtube from LaurenBeauty and for three bucks I figured it was definitely worth a try next time I sent in a order to Beautyjoint or Cherry Culture!! I am a huge believer in have a good mascara, if I am late for class or having a lazy day I will put quickly put some on and its just such a huge change. Mascara was the first makeup product I ever bought for myself when I was thirteen years old so throughout the years I have tried a few different kinds. This mascara is awesome, no doubt about it and I was pretty skeptical when I pulled out the wand since it doesn't look like anything special. Before I always used to layer about three mascaras together to get my lashes to look the way I wanted but all I do now is put this on over my Elf Mascara primer which is fantastic (review here) then boom, huge lashes. Its pretty wet but I dont end up getting to much on my eyelids which is a huge bonus since I am super clumsy when it comes to that. My only con is there isn't a waterproof version which I would like, I wear contacts and my eyes are always dry so I have to use drops or my eyes tear up a bit and then my mascara starts to smudge. To fix this I like to run a bit of a waterproof mascara over the Jordana Great Lash to seal it in just in case!! This is a great mascara it beats all of the Maybelline, Covergirl and Rimmel ones I have tried so far. I am such a big fan of Jordana products, I know they are super cheap in the U.S and we don't get them here in Canada but so far everything I have tried has been wonderful. Have a great day everyone!!

 photo IMG_2048_zpsa3a5492c.jpg

 photo IMG_2024-001_zps9bd1dded.jpg

Sunday, May 12, 2013

Will You Still Love Me When I'm No Longer Young And Beautiful

Young And Beautiful by Va - on Grooveshark
 photo Peterborough-20130512-118_zps05afa721.jpg

Jacket: Thrift $8, Purse: Forever 21 $7, Scarf: Stitches $5, Shirt: Old Navy $5, Leggings Stiches $9, Doc Martens: $130

Hello everyone!!!! I actually took these photos on my blackberry or well my boyfriend did but I don't think they turned out to bad although we are still having framing issues (lol). My camera is going to be fixed on tuesday and I am SO excited to get it back and start blogging regularly. I have been shopping and have some awesome outfits to post and lots of makeup favourites :). I recently bought this scarf and I have been so in love with it, the second I saw it in the store I knew I had to get it. The skull print sold me on it, it totally reminds me of the stuff I used to wear when I was going through my all black clothing phase. I got the jacket earlier this year, my old black one which I LOVED got stolen at a club (tear) so I have been wearing this as a replacement. After school ended I went on a bit of shopping spree and I got two of the same shirt in different colours from the Old Navy Clearance section for five dollars each, the other one is in this pretty coral colour. I picked them up in a large since they are awesome oversized shirts to wear with leggings on lazy days while still looking cute. Although you cant see it here there is a little chest pocket and they go a bit off the shoulder. The weather here has been crazy, it was so hot last week everyone was in shorts and now its snowing out as I type this, so weird!! I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend.

Sunday, May 5, 2013

Review: NYX Round Lipsticks

In My Sleep by Austin Hartley-Leonard, Kendall Jane Meade on Grooveshark
 photo IMG_1982_zps42ce967a.jpg

Nyx Round Lipsticks

Good morning everyone!!! I decided to wake up at six thirty this morning and couldn't get back to sleep so I figured would do a bog post. I recently dropped my lovely Canon DSLR camera on the floor and broke the lense (I may have cried a little after that) so I need to take it to a camera store to get fixed :(. I had taken these photos already so I could do one more post but I am quite upset. I have been shopping and I have some awesome bargains to show everyone and moneys more than a little tight (when is it not) so this did not happen at a good time, anyways enough of my moaning and onto the review!! I currently have four NYX Round Lipsticks and I love them. They are super creamy and decently pigmented, lipstick never seems to last to long on me so they have about the same longevity as all of my other lipsticks. I bought Narcissus and Strawberry Milk on ebay over a year ago so I dont really remember how much I payed for them but i recently purchased Chic and Tea Rose on Beautyjoint and they were about three/four dollars which is pretty awesome!!!! It is so bloody hard to find NYX products in Canada but I definitely want to try more of there products. Cherry Culture has a 40% off sale on all NYX products and I am trying so hard to resist placing a order.

 photo IMG_1983_zps02d9a40b.jpg

Strawberry Milk, Narcissus, Chic, Tea Rose

I absolutely love Strawberry Milk, Chic and Tea Rose, they look amazing on the lips. Strawberry Milk is this incredibly pale pink which I didn't wear for about a year after I bought it since I thought it was a bit to pale for me but I discovered recently it is amazing for mixing other colours with to create the perfect pink shade for me. Chic is this really bright coral shade which I think will look amazing in the summer with a tan. Tea Rose is a deeper reddish colour which is actually a darker version of my natural lip colour. Narcissus is the only one the photos don't do justice for since it is almost a neon bright pink. It is the only one I have never worn even though I have tried mixing it with other colours, I still cannot get it to look nice on me. Overall I would definitely recommend trying the NYX round lipsticks but definitely research the colours and look at swatches first because I dont think I would have purchased Narcissus if I had!! Have a great day everyone :).

 photo IMG_1978_zps0436bf5b.jpg

 photo 15_zpsfd1d945a.jpg

Top: Narcissus, Strawberry Mik
Bottom: Chic, Tea Rose

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Review: Revlon Nearly Naked Foundation

Broadripple Is Burning by Margot & the Nuclear So and So's on Grooveshark
 photo IMG_1976-001_zps3f1fdbc2.jpg

I have been a fan of Revlon foundations for many years now!! When I was younger I tried various foundations from Covergirl and Maybelline which I absolutely hated. Maybelline foundations make me break out horribly and I could never find a good colour match in Covergirl since all of their foundations leaned a bit more on the pinky side. I remember I used to use the Revlon foundation which you could turn to mix different shades together which I loved for years since I didn't have to worry about matching my colour. After I got more into makeup I tried both the Revlon Colourstay and Revlon Photoready foundations which are both awesome in my opinion. I have used Revlon Photoready for a long time I think I am on my fourth bottle now so when Revlon came out with the Nearly Naked Foundation I was really excited to try it. I didn't buy it immediately since I had just bought a new bottle of Photoready foundation (of course that would happen right) but a couple of weeks ago I was in Shoppers Drugmart and they had both the foundation and pressed powder together as a deal for about fifteen dollars. I had been hunting for a new powder after I realized the one I had been using for about five months was causing a lot of my breakouts and clogged pores, I am definitely planning on doing a massive powder review post on all of the ones I have. So I couldn't resist getting the deal and I am doing the review on the foundation first before the powder since I have used it more.

 photo IMG_1967-001_zps549a7124.jpg

I really love this foundation it has great coverage which is always something I need since I have a bunch of redness from old acne marks. I would say it is about medium coverage, it definitely offers as much as the Photoready foundation which is one of the things I loved about it but not as much as Colourstay. I don't find the consistency to be really watery although I read alot of reviews before I bought it from people saying that they did, I actually think it is a bit thicker than Revlon Photoready and it doesn't run down my hand before I get a chance to apply. To put it on I just use one of my Elf flat top powder brushes which are awesome for applying on foundation. So far it hasn't broke me out and I have used it for over a couples weeks now which is good sign!! Overall I would definitely recommend it since it is one of the best bargains in the drugstore for foundation at only $10 and offers pretty damn good coverage, it just makes my skin look awesome. The colour selection is very warm/yellow toned which is the only draw back if you are more on the cool toned side. If anyone else has used it tell me what you thought and I hope you all have a great week!!

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