Monday, January 28, 2013

I Don't Want To Hear About The Bad Blood Anymore

Bad Blood by Bastille on Grooveshark
IMG_1516_zps6b84593d photo IMG_1516_zps6b84593d.jpg

Sweater: Value Village $7, Tank Top: Forever 21 $5, Pants: Value Village $13, Boots: Value Village $20, Bag: Forever 21 $12, Belt: Thrift $2

Hello everyone!!! I am definitely representing Value Village well in this outfit since pretty much everything is from there. These jeans have been my favourite for a long time, I was so thrilled when i found them because they were Amani Exchange and $13 which is CRAZY!! I am a sucker for a good bargain and I am quite proud of these babies. I know my last few outfit posts haven't been super fashiony, its been -18 degrees here and i definitely been dressing with that in mind!! I do need to get some pants that aren't jeans because I think I am in a bit of a style rut.  

IMG_1524_zpsb0f7a0e0 photo IMG_1524_zpsb0f7a0e0.jpg

Eyelashes: Elf Studio Mascara Primer, Covergirl Lashblast, Maybelline Falsies Mascara

I have the almost non existent eye lashes when I don't wear mascara, you can't see them whatsoever. I always thought I was weird because I layered different mascaras together until I started watching youtube videos and a ton of beauty of gurus do the same thing. These three are the mascara combo I have been using daily for about a month now to make my stubby little lashes look nice and volumized!! If anyone has a great mascara they use definitely tell me about it, I love trying new ones!!  Thanks everyone for your wonderful comments I have been finding amazing new blogs to read through them and I hope you all have a great day!!

Saturday, January 26, 2013

Review: Elf Studio Mascara Primer (New Holy Grail Product!!)

World on Fire by The Royal Concept on Grooveshark
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Hello everyone!!!!!! I am having the laziest day ever, as i am typing this its almost four o clock and i am still sitting in my pjs. I think the most productive thing i have done today was shower and thats about it, i stayed out late last night and woke up super early not a good idea!!! I have been really busy the past little while, my boyfriend came up for a few days and i had some issues registering for a class, so i haven't gotten around to taking any outfit photos much to my disappointment!!!! I did want to post today so i decided to share my new holy grail eye product which i got a couple of weeks ago and that is my Elf Studio Mascara Primer. I placed a order with them over christmas and this probably my favourite thing i got along with my Elf Zit Zapper because that little thing really works!!

 photo IMG_1472_zps4022ee0d.jpg

I really really love this product, it separates my lashes really well and makes applying my mascara so much easier. I find that if i use it first, i can wear mascaras that i have and didn't really like before i paired them with the primer. I bought Covergirl's Lashblast mascara when i was home at a Zellers because it was closing so i got thirty percent off but it made my lashes so clumpy! But if i use this primer it applies so much easier then it did before and i can use try to use up the bloody thing. I went without the primer yesterday and i noticed a huge difference in my mascara so this is definitely a holy grail product for me. Sorry i didnt take any photos of it directly on my eyes but I am definitely wearing it in my last blog post picture and it makes my lashes look almost fake!!

 photo IMG_1473_zps8b3f0235.jpg

I might have just ordered two more for backup because i don't want to be without it. Its three dollars on the Elf website and for us Canadian girls if your order is under $25 its only about $6 in shipping which is pretty darn sweet!! I would definitely recommend the product based on my personal experience and the awesome price but if anyone has tried it let me know how it worked for you. I find some mascaras work really well for other people and then wont for me, i bought the Covergirl mascara because one friend of mine swore by it!!  Have a great weekend everyone!!  

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Review: NYX Pump It Up Lip Plumper

Blue Skies by Noah and the Whale on Grooveshark


                                                                                NYX Pump It Up Lip Plumper in Kim

Woooooo first bonafide makeup post, i hope no one minds me adding this stuff into my blog it is seriously one of my obsessions now and i know i loveeeeee reading reviews on products or watching them on youtube. Over Christmas i went a little crazy and sent in two online makeup orders, one to ELF and another to Beauty Joint. I meant to take photos and do a haul once i got them but i was to excited and ripped open both packages immediately, so scratch that idea!! I ordered this NYX lip plumper from Beauty Joint along with quite a few other things, but i definitely wanted to try it out immediately after seeing some beauty gurus on youtube use it and i had never tried a lip plumper before. I actually really like this product although i don't think it plumps a whole lot but i can see a bit of a difference. On me it definitely tingles alot and reminds me of cinnamon so definitely don't try it if you don't like a bit of a burning sensation on your lips. The colour is soooooooo pretty, i wore it by itself in the photo down below and it is definitely my favourite lip product at the moment. It is really hard to find NYX products in Canada (such a shame!!!) but i think i definitely will get some more next time i order from Beauty Joint. Not going to lie it is weird taking photos of your makeup, its like wa-bam theres just your face but i remember i thought that when i first started taking fashion photos so i will probably get used to that!!! Have a great day everyone and thanks for your awesome comments :).



Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Hello My Old Heart


Shirt: Winners $ 6-8 (I got it for something crazy like that), Jeans: Value Village: $15, Boots: Spring $13,  Purse: Forever 21 $6

I freaking love this shirt for lots of reasons; the colour the cut-out sleeves, the length (totally long enough to wear with leggings when i dont tuck it in) and the price was ridiculous although i cant remember it exactly. My sister and i went to Winners in the summer and they were having the best sale i have ever seen there and i got this bad boy, along with a few other shirts for under ten dollars each. Can i just say i absolutely hate taking indoor outfit photos, they just do not look as nice as outdoor ones. But i don't really have a place to take them at school that i have found yet, so definitely going to keep on the lookout for  one and in the mean time i am going to experiment with areas in my apartment. I got these jeans when i was shopping at Value Village with my boyfriend before Christmas. I didn't mind paying $15 for them because they first of all fit so damn well, i don't know about you guys but my legs and my waist are not the same size at all so these are awesome. Secondly they were American Eagle and my vanity kicked in when i saw what size they were, i know size doesn't matte,r its fit but sometimes its nice to find a something in your dream size that you can get into comfortably lol. I got this purse over winter break when i sent in a Forever 21 order, they had a killer 50% sale items on Christmas day so i got a whole bunch of things super cheap.



Wearing: Wet N Wild Lipstick in 901b

I found this lipstick again when i was cleaning out my makeup tub at home. I made the wise decision to finally organize my growing makeup collection. This was my favouriteeeeeeeeeee lipstick in the summer, i went through this MASSIVE baby pink lips phaze and it was all i wore. Its part of the Wet N Wild matte lipstick line which is awesome and i have a bought a few more of them in different shades. I think in Canada they are like $3.50-4 range which is pretty cheap for lipstick here. The only thing is like most matte lipsticks they can dry out your lips but i just use a lip balm beforehand and that solves the problem. I would have taken a photo of my tube but its so dirty and smudged i was to embarrassed so but this photo is a pretty true representation of the colour on me at least. I would definitely recommend it to anyone who loves pink lipstick, totally a staple product and hope everyone has a good day!!