Wednesday, March 27, 2013

I Have Made Mistakes

I Have Made Mistakes by The Oh Hellos on Grooveshark
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Shirt: Forever 21 $10-13, Tank Top: Forever 21 $5, Leggings: Suzy Shier $12, Boots: Spring $80, Necklace: Forever 21 $8

Ok I lied my next post was not a makeup review, oopsies!!! My boyfriend has been offering to take outfit photos for me for a long time now, so I am excited to announce the return of nice outdoor photos!!!!! He cut off my head and my feet in most of the photos so we have a few kinks to work out just yet but I love them so much more then my indoor pictures. I wore this outfit to class yesterday because it was so freaking comfy. I cant for the life of me remember how much I payed for this sweater but it was on sale so it couldn't have been to much. It is my new favourite, its sooooooo soft and cozy. School is almost at a end thanks goodness, I am handing in my last essay today and then there are just exams in April!! I hope everyone is having a good day and thanks again for all of the lovely comments :).

Sunday, March 24, 2013

March/Current Makeup Favourites!!

Farewell to the Fairground by White Lies on Grooveshark
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Here is a new type of post for me. I am absolutely obsessed with watching makeup videos on youtube and I love their monthly favourite videos since you get to discover new products with positive reviews!! These are some of the products I have been using lately that are definitely my favourites at the moment. I have been ridiculously sick all week so I didn't feel like taking any photos of myself so I hope everyone enjoys this post!!

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Wet N Wild 8 Pan Palette- Comfort Zone

I am DEFINITELY going to review this soon, quite possibly in my next post with in depth photos because this palette is freaking awesome. I had seen so so many reviews on youtube and blogs about this and I could not for the life of me find it in stores anywhere. I was going to resort to buying it online when I looked in the Canadian Superstore near me and they had revamped their makeup section so I finally got my hands on it. I was super excited and as a bonus I payed only $4 for it which was about half the price of the palette online. I have been wearing it everyday and the colours are gorgeous!!

Physicians Formula Mineral Face Powder- Translucent Light

Now that I think about it I am definitely going to do a review on this powder as well. I bought this at a Zellers clearout sale where everything was 50% off so I only payed $10. Physicians Formula is pretty darn expensive in Canada, I am talking like twenty bucks for a powder. To me that is getting into the realm of high end makeup and I might as well spend the extra 5-10 dollars and get a Mac powder. But I bought this on sale and one of the makeup gurus I watch on Youtube RheaEstelle always raves about this product. I absolutely love this powder now, I have a considerable amount of redness from acne scars etc. and this does a great job of covering that. I often wear this powder just with my Hard Candy Glamoflage concealer (review here) instead of liquid foundation :).

Elf Mist And Set Spray

I got this a couple of months ago and it has definitely reached almost holy grail status with me. I like to use it everyday (if I can remember) since it sets my makeup so well but I absolutely always use it before going out at night. It does a great job of keeping everything in place and takes away any powdery look to my face. Some added bonus's are its $3 on the Elf website (score!) and it doesn't bother my hyper sensitive allergies so I will use this as long as I can get ahold of it.

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Nyx Round Lipstick- Strawberry Milk/ Revlon Just Bitten Balm Stain- Charm

I have had the Nyx Strawberry lipstick for over a year after I bought it on eBay. Much to my huge disappointment I did not like the colour whatsoever since it was so pale on it made me look ill even at my lightest in the winter. I was playing around with my lipsticks the other day since I was thinking about doing a post on products I didn't like and this was at the top of my list but I started using it as a base for other lipsticks and it looked awesome!! The Nyx round lipsticks are very creamy so they were easy to mix with other colours. This duo is my personal favourite at the moment and I have been wearing it constantly.

 photo IMG_1786_zpse65bb925.jpg

EcoTools Bronzer Brush

This is absolutely my favourite brush at the moment, it so so soft. I use it to bronze up my face and set my foundation/concealer with my Rimmel Stay Matte Powder. I actually bought this on Ebay for about $5 from Hong Kong. I have alway wanted to try the Ecotools brushes but in stores here they are over ten bucks so I figured I would try to get one a bit cheaper. It came super fast in the mail but it was a little crunched in the package, so I washed it and it reformed nicely. I am really happy with the brush so I would recommend buying brushes online like that!! I need to catch up on blog comments now that I am feeling a bit better and I hope everyone is has a great day!!

Monday, March 18, 2013

FOTN: Saint Paddys Day

 photo e4ceaa28-f7f2-44da-9d4c-c7b4690b15aa_zpsd6b7bcc1.jpg

Revlon PhotoReady Foundation-Shell 
Rimmel Stay Matte Powder-Sandstorm 
Hard Candy Glamoflage Concealer- Ultra Light
Covergirl Fresh Complexion Under Eye Conealer-Ivory 
Elf Baked Bronzer: Maui
Elf Blush and Bronzer Duo 
Elf Blush Gotta Glow 

 Elf Eyelid Primer 
Wet N Wild Vanity Palette 
Nyx Jumbo Eye Pencil- Black Bean 
Essence Waterproof Liquid Eyeliner 
Essence Long-lasting Eye Pencil in I Have Green 
Elf Eyelash Primer Covergirl Lashblast Waterproof Mascara 
Rimmel Max Bold Curves Mascara 

Elf Eyebrow Kit: Medium 
Elf Eyelash and Eyebrow Clear Mascara 

Revlon Matte Lipstick-Sky Pink 
Revlon Just Bitten Balm Stain- Charm

So I tried to do face of the night (FOTN) pictures over the weekend but I failed miserably at getting photos of how I did my eyeshadow so next time I think I am going to get my boyfriend to take those. But I bought this dark emerald green eyeliner from Essence which I used on the lower lash line and it looked so cool!!! Also it is seriously long lasting, I could not get the swatch of it off of my hand with just water I had to use some makeup remover. I have used the black and brown retractable eyeliners before and they were great plus they are only about $3 at Shoppers Drugmart in Canada. I never use colour on my eyes but I think I might order one of the palettes from Bh Cosmetics or Coastal Scents so I can when I am feeling more adventurous. I did this makeup before we went to hangout with my friends at residence and I did have a green shirt on in order to be kindof festive for St. Paddys Day although I took this photo before I changed into that. I hope everyone is having a great day, I have a wicked sinus cold after the weekend so cross your fingers that clears up soon!!

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 photo IMG_1773-001_zps80ee33ac.jpg

Monday, March 11, 2013

Review: Organix Renewing Moroccan Argan Oil

Cold Blooded by The Pretty Reckless on Grooveshark
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I have never really been into hair products although this wasn't necessarily by choice!! I have pretty bad allergies to different chemicals, scents, perfumes etc and a bunch of other things so I have never been able to use different shampoos or products. Thankfully my allergies have got a bit better and when I was getting ready to go out with my friend over reading week I borrowed some of her Argan Oil and was really impressed with how it smoothed out my hair and made it almost completely frizz free. The next time I was in Shoppers Drugmart I took a look at the hair products and settled on this one since it had the smallest ingredient list out of all of the oils. I would still prefer to find 100% pure Argan Oil but in the mean time I figured this would do!!! Thankfully it doesn't bother my allergies to much, but holy smokes has it made a huge difference on my hair!! The directions on the back say to apply it to wet/ damp hair but I have used small amounts on dry hair and it seemed to work just fine. My hair is so soft and shiny from this stuff, I find I don't have to use this every time I shower because the effects on my last a long time so I often just apply it if we go out on the weekend. I should mention I have dyed my hair alot the past couple of months, I just ombred it a coupled of days ago (so excited for you guys to see that!) and after using this a couple of times my hair looks better than it did before I dyed it. I think the store price was about $10.99 but I had a gift card at Shoppers so I only payed about a dollar for it, so it was definitely worth the money!!! You only need a small amount of product so the tube will last me really long time. I am intrigued about the whole hair oil concept so has anyone else tried argan oil or any other oil on their hair, I would love to hear your experiences!! Have a great day everyone :).

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Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Your So Far From Your Weapon And You Want To Go Home

So Far From Your Weapon by The Dead Weather on Grooveshark

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Sweater: Suzy Shier $20, Purse: Forever 21 $13, Leggings: Stiches $12, Boots: Spring: $80

This is probably one of the very few times ever on my blog that I have worn my hair completely up. I have this weird thing about my chin and the fact its not very defined so in my head it looks better when my hair is down (silly I know). I bought one of those hair doughnuts while I was in Toronto a couple of weeks ago, and I really like it so far!!! I can never get my hair to behave and make a perfect bun by itself so that definitely helps make it look more polished. I got this sweater on sale before Christmas at the mall and I am in love with it. I wore this outfit to class yesterday and it was so comfy but still somewhat stylish looking, which is definitely a win win for me :). I purchased this purse over the Christmas holidays and the first time I wore it, I went to a party and one of the buckles broke off!!! I was so annoyed, I freaking hate when something you buy immediately breaks but it still looks pretty cute with outfits and is big enough to hold my clipboard I use in class so I still use it occasionally. I hope everyone is having a wonderful week so far and isnt to bogged down with assignments or midterms!!