Tuesday, December 17, 2013

I Dont Know Your But I Know What You Do

St Clarity by The Paper Kites on Grooveshark

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Sweater: Bluenotes $18, Shirt: Plndr $20, Leggings: Stitches $10, Socks: Bluenotes: $5, Hat: Ebay $2, Doc Martens $140

Hi guys first off sorry about the gigantic photos, I tried for a hour to get them sized properly and it was just not working so I finally said 'screw it' and here they are. I took these photos with bf before going out to lunch with some friends. I got this skull shirt back in the summer from Plndr and warning if you are Canadian you will have to pay some serious customs charges so be careful!!! It originally had shoulder pads (which I hated) and studs that fell out anytime I wore it so I just ended up cutting both of things off. I absolutely love the snakeskin skull on the front I just thought it looked so cool!!. I got this hat off of ebay and it just arrived the other day. It is this bright neon yellow/green hat, If love the colour but I wish I had spent a little more money and got a thicker hat since this ones a bit flimsy. I hope everyone is having a great winter break and good luck to everyone still doing finals!!

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JennaStevie said...

That skull shirt is awesome, and love the cozy sweater and bright hat :)

Kalina said...

you have beautiful hair! nice outfit :)