Wednesday, June 19, 2013

I Dont Want Easy, I Want Crazy

I Want Crazy by Hunter Hayes on Grooveshark
 photo IMG_2154copy_zps4d8358df.jpg
Shirt: Stiches $10, Skirt: H&M $20, Sandals: Joe Fresh $20, Necklace: Gift

Wooooo finally my photoshop is up working I am so stoked!! I was very unmotivated to take outfit photos when I knew I couldn't do anything with them. I started working at a boutique downtown and it has def been inspiring me to get back into fashion which I definitely have been slacking on before, late nights at uni resulted in the glamorous outfits of yoga pants and hoodies all year long so I need to get back into it. I bought this skirt a couple of years ago at H&M and never wore it since I didn't really like long skirts. I was going to give it away but thankfully I didnt since I really love wearing it now that I am a bit older. My boyfriend got me this gorgeous necklace although I may have helped pick it out lol. It was a old  travellers medallion, so its supposed to bring good luck on the wearers travels, I always like when things have a story behind them so I just love it :). I hope everyone had a great day, it has been such gorgeous weather here in Ontario lately I am going to go outside and enjoy the sunshine!! 

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Vicky said...

I really love that necklace too! So pretty :) xx

JennaStevie said...

This skirt is gorgeous!! I need a long one like that for summer, it's perfect. Love that necklace! What a lovely gift

Rachel, Cold Knees said...

love that necklace, gorgeous x

Athena Santana said...

I love this!! It's so chill and laid back(: Also love the necklace!


Kosmetyczna Hedonistka said...

Love this post, really enjoying reading your blog!! I am following you now :)

Id be really grateful if you have a minute to visit me and follow back.