Monday, November 4, 2013

Think Of All The Places Where We Could Be

Brand New Day by Kodaline on Grooveshark

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Dress: c/o Surfdome

First off I am sorry about the picture quality!!! These were taken on my boyfriends cellphone and they were just supposed to be for Instagram. Unfortunately I got my mom to do some washing one weekend I was home and somehow a bright pink bra got thrown into my load and completely destroyed this dress from Surfdome which I was absolutely devastated about since it was so beautiful!!!! So these are the only photos I have of it :( just my luck eh. *Full Disclaimer* this dress was sent to me from the website by there lovely PR lady Corina, it really did have great customer service. The package arrived a week and a bit after it was shipped which is fantastic since shipping to Canada can be awful and the company is based in the UK. I took so long to put up these photos since they were taken in the winter because long story short my old mac book broke so I had to wait till they sent me back the old one to extract all of my data on it, totally brutal!!!! The dress was this beautiful silky material and I just cant get enough of the colour, it is now on sale I am seriously contemplating ordering it again so I can have it!! I know I have been absent from blogging but I am setting up a weekly schedule to get some posts up consistently, no more hiatus's I swear I say that every time but I seriously mean it this time lol. I hope everyone in the blogosphere is doing well and I will be back shortly.

P.S I have hit over 400 follower WTF when did that happen thanks so much guys seriously I have been blogging for a while and it helped me through some really tough times so thanks again!!

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Signe said...

Aww you're so beautiful!! Love your blog, I'm a new follower :)