Friday, November 5, 2010

Celeb Style Inspiration

I don't tend to get inspired by celebrities style to much, i like looking at other bloggers and fashion websites like Chictopia or Lookbook for that. But when i stumbled upon Sky Ferreira's music video Obsession (i hardly ever like pop music but this one was surprisingly catchy) i fell in love with her amazing hair (seriously why can't mine be like that) and her unique style. So i thought i would share some photos since i am not feeling creative enough to do a outfit post myself. The first picture is definitely my favourite!!











I ordered my boots i linked in my last post today!! the price lowered over the weekend (YES) so the total came to $41 with shipping :) which i think is kindof awesome for a pair of boots. While browsing the store online is saw these wedge booties, aren't they amazing, i have seen so many bloggers wearing this type of boot. I am so jealous because these are just way to high for me, i think i would be over 6'1 in these. Sometimes i wish i was just a few inches shorter :(. I hope everyone is having a good weekend


Estefany @ The Helmet Head said...

That girl has great style! Her long hair is to die for!
Your boots are really cute. I know you'll enjoy them. Ive been looking for the perfect pair of boots, but no luck yet on my end.

have a great week!

Emma (Scrapbook de la Emma) said...

excellent grunge. love the boots too, oh how i miss boots

Harlow Darling said...

Oh wow she is soooooo gorgeous and her style is very covetable!

mikala said...

she have great style, I like it!

greetings from

Skyline Eyes said...

Never heard of this girl, right now I'm wondering why not. Love her grunge boots and dresses combination, and it's true, she has pretty awesome hair. Thanks for sharing!

Roya said...

Sky is so cute, I love her babydoll look mixed with her grungy/effortless style.

I feel on wanted to be shorter. At 5'10 + heels, I am usually the tallest person in the room, boys included. Sometimes you feel a little awkward, not gonna lie.

head over heels said...

never heard of her but her style is fab, i love the third and sixth pictures.
Love those wedges too - be grateful that your tall and not 5 foot 1 like me! :P x

20 York Street said...

Love how she rocked the fur coat on the first pic!

and yes, lovely boots definitely!


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Sara Louise said...

I love her hair! I have never been able to grow mine that long no matter how hard I've tried :-(

Dottie said...

major hair inspiration. and wow, love your boots.

I'd love to be 6'1! I'm 5'7 without shoes and wish I was taller haha. work it!


r0zz said...

i love sky ferriera! :D her style is friggin aweseome and to die for :] and her music is pretty catchy as well :]

Sian said...

Thanks for your comment! Wow her hair is absolutely amazing, and she has awesome style. Please tell me where these boots are from, I really want some!! Although if they're from the US the shipping will be so expensive for me =( I don't think the link to them in your last post worked, so please tell me where they're from!!

Style, She Wrote said...

Sky Ferreira definitely has great style but I love her thick lush mane!!mulan