Thursday, April 5, 2012

Nobody Said It Would Be Easy

The Scientist (Dimitri Vangelis & Wyman Need Howie’s Thin Mint Cookies Mix) by Coldplay on Grooveshark


Blazer: Warehouse One $30, Scarf: Spring $15, Tunic: Value Village $4, Purse: Thirft $4, Leather Pants: H&M $30, Doc Martens $140

Hello everyone!!! I am not totally sold on these pictures (especially my squinty first pic lol) but i figured they were better than nothing at all!! It was really cold today so i had to scrap my orginal outfit idea which i will take pictures of very shortly and wore this one. I have worn my leopard print scarf on here twice already but it is my absolute favourite sometimes i wear it almost everyday, definitely money well spent. I bought these H&M pants a while back and the second time i wore them one of the seams ripped so i stitched that up but the next time about three more ripped. I have never had a issue with the quality of H&M clothes before but i am a little peeved off how crappy these pants are. I have fixed all the seams but i am a little wary about wearing them anywhere for to long, knowing my luck the crotch seam would go and i would have a very embarrassing but funny story to share with you. I havent been up to much lately just dropping off lots of resumes trying to find a summer job so fingers crossed everyone. A while back i did a giveaway and the lovely Jessica from the Midwest Muse won my sweater so everyone check out how she wore it cause it looks awesome!! I hope you all had a good evening!!





Just Another Shopaholic said...

You're gorgeous!!

JennaStevie said...

I love that scarf, such a great look with keeping everything else neutral. Those glasses are so cute

Louise said...

Gorgeous outfit! I love that scarf xx

MarieAntoinette said...

You look really nice.!

Kalina said...

you look great! awesome martens!

his_girl_friday said...

Great outfit. It looks really effortless.

Intricately Disheveled said...

Oooo! I love the horizontal photo! Very fashion forward....I can't believe you're in snow! I got a suntan today in Florida!! SO hot! Wanna trade?! :)

Lovely outfit!

The Midwest Muse said...

I think these photos look lovely! I love the way you wore the scarf. I've never thought to wear mine like that and I am so in love with how you wear Doc's like it's nobody's business. How in the world do you do it? Maybe it's because mine aren't black, but I can never rock them with that much ease.

Oh and I love the sweater. I wear it often. It's so cozy.

The Jones said...

Really gorgeous scarf...loving the volume it has, and the way the leopard print is more spaced out than usual. Striking!

<3 Cambria

Enter my Shabby Apple GIVEAWAY!!!

Sabrilett said...

I really LOVE the scarf, is so big and gorgeous <3 I wish I could wear something like that without melting, the pant is so cool too and the boots are a perfect complement to the whole outfit, love your style :)

Ali said...

You have such pretty eyes! I adore your scarf and the line going down those leggings. Such a sharp outfit! I think your pictures look great, despite you not being sold on them. The brick wall definitely adds edge!

Also, that last photo is pretty cool, I must say!

Medge said...

Great outfit! i love love love your scarf! and the leggings are hot! you look super fab!


Cee said...

What a shame about the pants! I've always had such good luck with H&M and these look so, so good on you. Here's hoping they hold up now that they've been mended :)

Heather said...

I like your look. I follow you come check out my blog