Monday, December 31, 2012

Where I Have Been?!?!

Mr. Brightside (cover) by Monsters Calling Home on Grooveshark


Vest: Value Village $7, Shirt: Forever 21 $23, Jeans: Value Village: $12, Boots: Value Village $?? (i  bought them last year i think they were like between $12- 20 can remember!!)

Hello Everyone!!!!!!!!!!! I hope you all are having a great time over the holidays. Holy smokes i haven't updated my blog since August which is yikes, uh five months ago, this year has been a bit crazy but over winter break i have been working on my blog since i really want to get back into it. I made a little list to summarize a few things that happened since i last updated:

What I Have Been Up To
  • I moved three hours away from home into my very own apartment and started university at the ripe old age of twenty :)
  • Went to buy a new cellphone for school and met my now-boyfriend who sold the phone to me lol
  • Met lots and lots of new people and made some great friends at uni
  • My first apartment then got a leak in mid October and half the kitchen ceiling come apart making me homeless for more than a month 
  • Had a wonderful friend who let me sleep on dorm floor for three weeks before i went home for two weeks
  • Half of my clothes got thrown out since they were ruined from my apartment (totally devastating!!)
  • Got really sick at the end of November and it turned out to be mono (sooooooooooooo not cool) still not feeling the best even now my sore throat keeps returning
  • Rediscovered my love for makeup tutorials on youtube and have developed a slight addiction to buying cosmetics now
  • Moved into my new apartment which i love immensely for many reasons, especially since it is right on the bus route :)
  • My grandpa died rather suddenly at the beginning of December :(:(
  • Barely survived midterms and finals last week but school is now done until January 7th so freakin excited
  • Been rewatching One Tree Hill and have gone through seasons 3,4 and am now on season 6
And that pretty much sums it all up!! I haven't been able to get photoshop on my new laptop so i edited these photos a little differently then i used to before, so bare with me i need to get that up and running. I found this vest in the back of my closet and i don't think i have ever worn it before. I remember buying it on a Value Village trip when everything was 50% off which was awesome  so it was about seven dollars. I wanted a fur vest for literally years but i always thought this one was a little short on me (ugh tall girl problems, eye roll) but i don't think it looks so bad now. The only problem with vests are they are to bulky to get under a winter coat but i think in March or April when it gets warmer i will wear it more, its definitely coming back to school with me. So since i went to uni my style has considerably gone down hill and i am embarrassed to admit there were a few times i wore jogging pants to early morning class, horrible i know lol. My style has changed considerably i wear jeans ALOT but i am hoping by getting back into blogging i will start to amp up the style factor a bit more, although i will always love my school hoodie. But I have realized one thing you definitely can make jeans/ pants look stylish which i never really thought before. 


So over the last year or so i have progressively got more obsessed with makeup and now its like a full fledged addiction. I absolutely love watching makeup tutorials on youtube, not gonna lie i often get up, make breakfast and start watching them first thing in the morning. So i think i will start blogging about that as well and do hauls/ reviews of drugstore stuff since i know i definitely love to read that those. I tried out NYC Sunny Bronzer down below and i hated it when i first bought it but holy crap do i love it now, it just looked so awesome yesterday when i took these photos. I actually looked somewhat tan which is a miracle considering how pale i am in the winter. Have a great day everyone and a awesome New Years Eve!!!!

P.S I also changed my blog name a bit, i figured it was time for a change and i like it alot better :)



JennaStevie said...

Wowza it certainly has been 5 craaaazy months for you!! I am so sorry to hear about your grandpa and getting mono, that's so brutal! I'm glad you're starting to feel better, and that you're back to blogging. Love the denim top and the fur vest together, so great

Jacquelyn said...

Love your fur vest and you have gorgeous eyes! Sorry to hear about your grandpa! Enjoy your new year girl!


Midwest Muse said...

YES! Thanks so much for all the updates! I love the glasses and the vest. And One Tree Hill? LOVE IT. I marathoned it all earlier this year. Addicting and terrible. Oh, and welcome back!

oomph. said...

WOW...look at all the snow!! it doesn't snow here, so i love seeing pictures :)

you have pretty eyes!