Monday, September 5, 2011

Sheena Is a Punk Rocker


Jacket: Gift, Shirt: Ebay $8, Shorts: Thrift $2, Tights: Ardenes $3, Boots: Aldo $52

I bought this Ramones tshirt a few months ago on ebay. I totally love the band tshirt thing but i never wear this one becuase to be honest it just smells funky!!!! That is definitely one of the pitfalls of ebay although i havent had a problem before. I did google ways to remove the smell but nothing seems to have worked so i figured maybe if i wore it out and about more it would lessen. That logic didnt seem to work to well so i think the shirt will have to go back to the bottom of my dresser, how depressing :(. As you can see i have been in a bit of a shorts/ denim faze lately although I cant make up my mind whether or not the white shorts really go with this outfit. They are one of my best thrifting deals (Guess shorts for two dollars, what a bargain!!) and but the flash totally whited them out despite my best editing efforts. I think my blue denim shorts would probably have looked better with the rest of the outfit. Is anyone else really excited for fall fashion!!! I have definitely been into pants and jeans lately so a inspiration post will be coming very soon. I hope everyone had a lovely weekend :).




Sara Levy said...

It's too bad that the t-shirt smells weird because it is pretty cool, but it seems that until you have a solution, you won't be wearing it.
Great look*

Michelle said...

Have you tried soaking it in baking soda? When I have something that smells (usually shirts that I wear to concerts... smoke smell...) I mix a bucket of water with about a cup or two of baking soda until it's all dissolved and I let the shirt hang out in there for a little while, stirring it occasionally. Then I wash it really warm with half a cup of baking soda dissolved in water plus regular detergent. It has always worked for me!

I really like those white shorts too... even whited out :] You look great!

xo Michelle

Laura said...

Lovely outfit, I love the shorts mixed with the t-shirt :)

L x

JennaStevie said...

WHITE SHORTS ROCK. I love these, and so awesome with the band tshirt. Very rocker chic

Wild Flower said...

I love that jacket, do you know where it is from? I have been looking for a good one like that for ages! It looks really cute with those boots and then the stark white, I love this outfit :)


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<3 tshirt
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Emma said...

haha it smells funny, gross!! i hate the smell of old clothes, its an awesome t shirt though! you look very cool in this outfit hun

Jessica said...

Cute outfit, the shorts and top contrast each other great, especially with the tights. I'm excited for fall fashion too! That is a downside to ebay, what a shame.

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Amber Rose, Laughing With Broken Eyes said...

I know I say this every time, but your style inspires me so much. I swear, you make me want to get out my leather jacket, 90s dresses, and rock it.


Jennyboo said...

I totally love this look and the Ramones shirt. Too bad about the pitfalls of Ebay. Maybe the smell will dissipate after awhile?! Looking lovely. xx

Keeping up with E.S.E.M said...

luh-v this look! you look gorgeous!


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Carla Violet said...

i love your shirts.. except for the part when u said it smells funky haha... great styling tho, so rock n roll and i love ur leather jacket too