Tuesday, November 1, 2011

I Can See The World Passing By From Here


Cardigan: Value Village $5, Dress: Value Village $10, Hat & Scarf: Ardenes $15, Leggings: Stitches $10, Boots: Spring $25

Sometimes i think i could definitely be the posterchild for Value Village. I think the majority of my clothes are from there, i can always find something good whenever i am in one of their stores. It has been really cold here but the weather finally warmed up so i could wear this cardigan outside without freezing. I love how it is super flowy, when i first tried it on i was wearing high waisted shorts and it looked very bohoish with them so that and the price sold me on it. I found this scarf at Ardenes and i just love the burgundy colour, i think i am going to have to go back there and stock up on a few more in different colours before winter. Have a great week everyone!





christie said...

loving the colour of your scarf too!! Perfect for the cooler months x

JennaStevie said...

Ohhh that scarf is a gorgeous colour. You must have the most amazing value villages where you live! I've found some great stuff there but you alllways have amazing stuff from there. I love the dress and this sweater!

Emma said...

gorgeous slouchyness in this outfit, love it honey.

Rachel, Cold Knees said...

lovely outfit, the red scarf compliments the rest so well! I wish we had a value vintage in the UK! xo

Laura said...

such a perfect cosy outfit. i think i may recreate something similar because i'm freezing my bum off at the mo in my flat! xoxo

Anna @ SMS_Style said...

Awww cute you look lovely xx

Natalie Leung said...

really cute scarf and skirt! such a pretty look. now following <3


AiRene said...

nice outfit and great style! i think i have the same color scarf like yours.


Jessica said...

Cute outfit, lovely cardigan :)


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Sara Reverberi said...

Just found your blog and I like it!Great outfit post and photos. Love the touch of red in this one.

Marilia and Cristina Maz said...

GORGEOUS!!!!! love the jacket and the scarf! Also in love with your blogs name!
bisous marilia

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super cute :D
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