Tuesday, June 14, 2011

I Give My Love To Get Used


Blazar: Thrift $4, Shorts: Thrift $2, Shirt: ?, Tights: some store $5, Boots: Aldo $54

I was quite excited about this outfit as it is the first time in almost a year i have been able to wear these shorts somewhat comfortably. A few months ago i couldnt um get them done up even after five minutes of pulling, tugging squeezing and sucking in. Then if i could button them it was not a very pretty site so i was thrilled when i put them on the other day without a problem. I am pretty straight up and down aka no waist so they are still a little tighter there then i would like i think eating anything might be a problem. But hopefully in a little while they will fit perfectly. I love my black boots soooooo much and they will be sorely missed when the weather gets to hot for me to wear them. I've ordered two pairs of sandals which should arrive sometime this week so cross your fingers these babies fit me as i am starting to get a little frantic in my search for some!! I had a hard time getting these pictures again ( i think i getting into a slump!) at one point i was just going to quit but my sister came out and took so funny photos of me jumping or posing with the watering can :). They were hilarious and i looked much happier in my photos afterwards, i didnt include any of those but i was thinking sometime i should do a blooper post becuase they were pretty funny. I hope everyone has a lovely evening!!





Just Another Shopaholic said...

Gorgeous blazer!!

Ashley said...

I can't believe you're still wearing tights! How warm is it there? I'd be miserable in tights in June. :|

Your blazer is amazing. Stunnnnnnner.

Is the brick wall part of your house? If so, I am so jealous. I love brick as a back drop, but the closest place that has a brick wall is the mall, and it's so awkward to go take pictures there, yet I do it anyway! Hehe.

JennaStevie said...

I loove this blazer, it's so pretty, looks great with the denim shorts and tights. Those boots are really wonderful! I miss some of my winter pieces, but am so happy to bust out my summer ones
I'm glad your sister made you feel better so you could get some good pictures!

Kalina said...

gorgeous look! nice to see you :)

TheStreetFashion5xpro said...


Rachelous said...

Love the bright blazer! And the jeans are pretty cool. Yeah lets see some blooper shots :p xx

Life of a girl called hawaiianpunchelsea said...

i love that blazer!! its totallty awsome. Your rockin those shades too

Amber Rose, Laughing With Broken Eyes said...

You look absolutely beautiful as you always do! I love the tights with these shorts (I always feel like I look crazy when I try, but you do so wonderfully).

Isn't it so exciting when your clothes start fitting better? :)

Emma said...

oh its so sad when things dont fit haha! glad they are fitting again for you, they look great

Half Dressed said...

Ooo I love the outfit, especially how the blazer brightens it all up!

L x

Jessica said...

Great blazer :)


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Chelsea Lane said...

youurrr leggsss are perfect. I love this red jacket with the denim!


christie said...

red blazer = love!! xx


Florence said...

red is awesome on you
great chic look

:3 thanks for your comment on my last post!
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Despina said...

Lovely outfit so rock!!!u look wonderful,i like your hair very much!
i really like your blog.i am following you now.hope u will follow me back :D

niaa. said...

Such a gorgeous outfit !


Missy said...

oh I love this! Fab pics x

Blending Style, Beauty and Fashion

miney said...

I love your outfit...nice

Wild Flower said...

I love this outfit, the red blazer is fantastic! I adore the high waisted boots and the rough and tough boots! It would be amazing going to thrifting together!

Kaylee Nicole


Anonymous said...

I want this jacket!!!!!!!!!!