Tuesday, June 28, 2011

You Did A Fine Of Hiding That Crooked Ace Up Your Sleeve


Shirt: DIY Bluenotes $7, Skirt: H&M $7, Sandals: Spring $25

How do you like my new sandals everyone!!!! As i mentioned in previous posts it has been a struggle to find some that fit me but i finally got two pairs a few weeks ago. I really miss fall and spring clothes, the summer is lovely but you can only wear two maybe three things it is much harder to come up with new outfits. I havent posted in over two weeks (ugh how terrible) so i thought i might write something a bit more in this one then my usual stuff. I read these two (Part 1, Part 2) articles a few weeks ago which really resonated with me. I know when i first started blogging it was hard to think immediately that i needed to lose ten or more pounds after seeing the photos i took of myself. It took me ages before i could post something on a site like Lookbook were everyone is thin, gorgeous and looks straight out of a magazine. I would consider myself pretty normal/average looking but it is difficult not to compare how i look to other bloggers. I wont ever be a size zero just not built for it there are things i would totally change about my face (my lack of a good chin for one) and dont even get me started on my legs. But i think everyone has those insecurities and good days were you think you might look alright and then others when you pretty much just want to wear a paper bag lol. I know love fashion blogs written by regular girls who when you read there posts you feel like you can relate to them on some level. I would love to hear everyones thoughts on the articles and i hope you all have a lovely evening :)





JennaStevie said...

I love the simplicity of the tshirt and skirt and those new sandals are so wonderful!
I loved gala's piece on body image in the blogworld. It's definitely something that I've observed, there are very similar looking girls that are very successful.

christie said...

Hot sandals hun! Im on the look out for some sandals just like that!! xx Hope you have a fab day


Louise said...

Gorgeous outfit, I love that tee it goes perfectly with your skirt xx

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Jessica said...

I love your top and shoes :)


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Rachel said...

Yeah I find it easier to dress in Spring/Autumn too. I love your sandals though :) xx

Just Another Shopaholic said...

Love your sandals!!

Ashley said...

Love your outfit! This is SO something I would wear right now in the summer.

Body confidence has been brought up a lot lately. I used to not be so confident with myself...I remember in like, 2008 or 2009, I wanted to start a style blog. But I was SO aware of my weight that I didn't. And I wasn't that much heavier than I am now. Even when I first started blogging a year ago, I was VERY aware of my flaws. I'd make sure I chose pictures to post that A) didn't show off my broad shoulders, B) didn't show too much leg because I didn't like them, and God knows what else. But now, I don't think twice about it. If it's in focus and I'm making a decent face, up it goes! ;) I didn't read the articles, but that's what I've got to say on the matter!

Ioana Liliana said...

Cool photos! As for the outfit, it's simple, but still very chic!


Daphne said...

Hey I'm giving you the lovely blog award :) write 7 things about yourself, list 15 blogs you want to award, and then tell them you picked them!


TheMadTwins said...

Great pictures, they have a lovely sphere. I love the print on your shirt :)

Sara Levy said...

The sandals are gorgeous!!!

Amber Rose, Laughing With Broken Eyes said...

Do you know that I adore you?

I love your photos, the songs you include, and your face of course~

Fernanda said...

Gorgeous skirt! You look amazing! Now it's cold here and summer in you place... But in Rio the winter is week. Enjoy the hot weather!

GoldenGirl said...

Wow, great outfit!Love it!


Nice outfit !

010 said...

great outfit