Thursday, June 2, 2011

I Know That We'll Be Safe And Sound


Blazer: Wearhouse One $30, Tanktop: ??? (super old), Skirt: Fairweathers $15, Shoes: Spring $24, Belt: Thrift $2

Sorry for my blogging absence everyone i dont even have a good excuse why i havent posted in over a week so i will just promise to do better and blog more often!!! I am really tired right now so this post is going to be a short one. I literally own no sandals besides the ones in my previous post which is just terrible now that the weather has finally got warmer. I tried to order some online but at first i got the wrong size and then they sent me the a different colour so now the sandals i wanted are completely sold out which is quite sad. I have really boney weird feet so it is really hard for me to find any that fit!! I definitely need to find more then one pair soon though. I hope you all have a lovely evening :).






JULIA said...

I love the polka dot skirt! Super cute. And I love those sandals, even if they are black!, haha. ♥ And I totally know what you mean by being too tired for blogging. It's just nice to sit around and do nothing for a change, haha, but I missed blogging.

Laura said...

sucks about your sandals but you look really lovely :)
floaty skirts are always good! xoxo

Jussy said...

Wonderful outfit and a great blog
greetings from Berlin

My Eye said...

I have the same sandal-problem ^^
Love your skirt with that blazer! Perfectly chic

Emma said...

ohhh i love that skirt, its darn adorable.

Lauren said...

Love the outfit!!! And those shoes are amazing!!

Sparrow & Urchin

Geekchic said...

I WANT THAT SKIRT! It is so cute! To bad I live in the UK! Do you know if the store you got it from delivers to N.Ireland??

Jessica said...

Cute skirt :)

Please take a minute to look at my vintage boutique;

Chelsea Lane said...

these shoes are the best thing in life. have I already asked you to teach me to edit photos?! because they are amazing!!! love how you styled this girl.


Cee said...

I don't really own any sandals, either- summer is so brief here that it almost doesn't seem worth it. Your zippered pair is really pretty awesome, though. Loving the polkadot skirt, too!