Thursday, June 9, 2011

Wrong Just Seems So Right


Jacket: Gift, Jeans: Bluenotes $15, Top: thrift $5, Wedges: $3

I am not impressed with these photos at all, i was quite fond of the outfit so i am really disappointed. Looking through all of the pictures i took i think these were the worst face photos i have taken basically ever. I looked like i wanted to pummel someone which is pretty much how i felt so i guess it was fitting, definitely not a good day! I have been such a shit blogger (sorry excuse the language but it is true) i havent been posting or commenting at all which i feel really crappy about, kindof going through a little depressed period but hopefully i will get back into the swing of things soon. On a better note last time i wore these wedges my toe hurt so bad i could barely stand after thirty minutes but it barely twinged at all this time so i think i can wear these babies a little more often, although i am over six feet when i have them on! I didnt really mean for this post to a advertisement for Tim Hortons but the only photos which were remotely ok were the ones where i was holding my drink. Ice Caps are my fave, i worked at a Tim's for over a year and i am a little addicted to them now. I hope everyone is having a lovely weekend!!!





Marisa Noelle said...

Quite honestly, I just love how these photos turned out. They have a raw, edgy kind of feel to them. You look gorgeous. I wish I could get a pair of jeans that look that good on me. Perfect shoes also! Sorry to hear you are feeling down. Never fun going thru periods like that but wishing that you feel better soon! Have a fantastic weekend!! xx Marisa

Kalina said...

nice to see you :) you look great like always and you have beautiful photos! greetings :)

Emma said...

dont you hate then when your face just looks awful in the photos!! they look fine though, lovely outfit. i havent been commenting much on blogs lately, it takes so much effort to comment on them all and i just cant be bothered lol! dont feel bad though honey xo

JennaStevie said...

You still look lovely as always! I really love your floral blouse and this jacket together, very cute. And thats awesome that they didnt hurt your feet this time.
ps. ice caps are delllicious!

Rachelous said...

I like the feel of these photos! But I know the feeling, I've been kinda the same recently.. I do love your shoes and the cute top though! xx

Rachel Emma (Daydream Frenzy) said...

Don't feel discouraged! I think the pictures came out nice. I'm glad we can see a close-up of those lovely shoes!! And I wish I knew where your jacket was from because I'm kind of in love with it! hehe

Hope things lift up for you!


Chelsea Lane said...

hehe so funny reading your paragraph as I was thinking 'OMG STUNNINGGGG!' I think you look gorgeous. did not know you were so tall! mm this post made me thirsty too ;)


alexandratherese said...

$3 wedges?! I am impressed! Don't be annoyed about the photos I think they look beautifully raw as they are and really show the contrast of the white and flowery pattern of the top to the dark of the jacket and wedges. I too am a thrift girl; my best recent purchase was a men's levi denim shirt which I bought for £5 and am now wearing as a shirtdress cinched in with a huge belt! Keep the thrift love going! (We call it charity shopping in the UK) xx

My Eye said...

Daaamn this shoes are so pretty! And I don't think your pics are crap, they're very beutiful although I can't see your face :-D But it can't be that bad dear ;)

You're not a shitty blogger, you're gorgeous!

Chernalyn said...

Hey!!! I absolutely LOVE your outfits :)
You've inspired me to mix and match my clothing.
I love those wedges you have! Def quite a steal for $3 :)